How do you achieve coverage of an internet security product launch in consumer media? Kaspersky Lab challenged us to introduce its latest offering, Kaspersky Internet Security 2013, to non-tech-savvy consumers in a way that would resonate with them.

Our Solution

We identified that consumers would be most interested in the product’s Safe Money feature which protects people who are making online payments. So to coincide with the launch we commissioned research that revealed Australians are blissfully unaware of their bad online shopping habits and rolled the story out across the country.

Partnering with online shopping expert, Kathy Sheeran, to talk about the implications of the research in consumer friendly language, we then developed hints and tips to help the average Aussie increase their personal online security.

The resulting media coverage was significant, with the story generating widespread pick up including national, metro and regional TV, print, radio and online in every state and generating a campaign ROI of 46:1.

Kaspersky news generation