Optus asked us to help spread the word that they had joined forces with shark technology company, Shark Mitigation Systems to embark on an R&D project to develop breakthrough shark detection technology to protect Australia’s coastlines.


Our Solution

To educate media on the benefits of Clever Buoy and Optus’ role we developed a road-map for the launch of the prototype including an exclusive news announcement followed by wide-spread consumer outreach in Australia and internationally.

This formed part of an integrated campaign focusing on multi-channel exposure: engaging our campaign spokespeople, including Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins from Bondi Rescue in various activities across media, social, in-store and Optus channels enabling us to reach more consumers with the Clever Buoy messaging.

The announcement of the prototype had an incredible reception from media all over the world who saw the Clever Buoy as a real solution to shark detection. We reached 18,349,929 people worldwide and secured more than 200 pieces of TV coverage.