Video communications is transforming life for patients and practitioners at not for profit healthcare provider Silver Chain.

Our Solution

After seeing how reliable, secure and easy to use BlueJeans is, the Australian community healthcare organisation began using it as a part of their clinical services, enabling nurses to treat clients who would otherwise be unable to reach their services.
Sarah and her family were stuck  having to travel hours, spending a full day, every week to receive the proper treatment. Suffering from a neurodegenerative condition, unique to her family, a condition that tragically  took her sister, her family knows that having reliable care within arm’s reach is priceless.

Silver Chain clinical lead Katharine Odling-Smee commented: “BlueJeans, over Telstra’s 4G and NEXT IP data network, has enabled our nurses to connect with Sarah’s school nurse in real  time, HD video, from a mobile tablet in order to administer her medication efficiently with precision. We are able to safely  check all  the meds via  BlueJeans, access her infusaport to give her  the  infusion and administer two IM injections in under 60 minutes. This means she misses a minimal amount of school and is a lot more convenient for her  mother.