4 December 18

Herd MSL strengthens team for 2019 with senior appointments

Recent winners of PRIA Agency of the Year, Herd MSL, are set for a stellar start to 2019 by appointing three new leaders to the senior management team.

The agency group has announced the appointments of Skye Lambley and Karen Dunnicliff in N2N Communications and Katy Daniells in Touch Creative to their award-winning team.

Herd MSL includes N2N Communications, Fuel Communications and Touch Creative and has grown to house 75 public relations, content and social media specialists representing brands in corporate, consumer lifestyle, government and technology sectors.

Skye Lambley joins Herd MSL in the newly created role of Managing Director of N2N Communications. She has more than 17 years of communications experience both in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region, specialising in consumer and enterprise technology and corporate communications. Having also helped clients take advantage of new and emerging technologies and platforms to engage their stakeholders, Skye has an outstanding combination of consulting experience as well as agency management experience and a passion for investing in her team’s development.

On her appointment, Skye said, “I’m so excited to join N2N Communications and Herd MSL. As the top agency going into 2019, I’m thrilled to be joining a team of such talented, dedicated people and to work on a number of impactful integrated campaigns with market-leading clients.”

New Group Account Director Karen Dunnicliff previously led integrated B2B and B2C communications programs across both Australia and UK, she will be joining Skye in the N2N Leadership team. Katy Daniells will be bolstering out the team at Touch Creative. Katy has a decade of experience in both agency and government and her diverse background across FMCG, B2B and personal branding sees her in good stead to be a Senior Account Director for Touch Creative at Herd MSL.

On the news, CEO Vanessa Liell said: “We are ecstatic to welcome Skye, Karen and Katy to our agency group. Their specialist skills and experience with both international and local brands will continue to push our strategic offering so we can continue to deliver outstanding work and service to our diverse clients.

“The three will also be exceptional role models to mentor and advise our wider team. Herd MSL keeps going from strength to strength both in our delivery of work for clients and development of our team. We’re looking forward to a great year in 2019.”

– Ends –

Herd MSL is one of Australia’s largest and most awarded group of agencies – N2N Communications, Fuel Communications and Touch Creative. Our strength is our ability to solve complex business problems through outstanding creative ideas, technically excellent execution and content led, multi-channel campaigns. Our difference is our dynamic, fearless and ambitious team – more than 70 specialists passionate about creative and integrated campaigns with impact.

Herd MSL is owned by Publicis Communications and part of the MSL global PR network.

4 September 17

What can an amateur football club teach professional clubs about fan engagement?

There’s a UK-based football club that attracts over 1 million views for its YouTube videos and has hundreds of thousands of followers across social media. That’s pretty impressive for a club that was founded in 2016 but even more impressive given it’s a club made up of amateurs, not professional players.

The club is called Hashtag United and was set up by football YouTuber Spencer Owen. With an online reach that rivals many of the major UK professional football teams, the club’s online success shines a light on the changing expectations of sports fans.

One of the reasons the videos posted Hashtag United are so engaging is because they follow the journey of everyday amateur players. Players that have a passion for the sport but also juggle full-time jobs and family life. That’s a far cry from many of the UK football stars – some of whom fill social media with posts from glamorous parties and holidays.

Although it’s too early to tell whether the glamorous lives of professional football players has caused everyday fans to become disengaged with the game in a significant way, major brands aren’t willing to place all their focus on the big end of town. Coca-Cola and Umbro are just some of the names that have sponsored Hashtag United.

In many ways, the online success of Hashtag United shouldn’t be a surprise. We know people like connecting to and engaging with people that are like them or do the same things as them. The latter certainly explains why celeb gossip sites are filled with famous faces filling their cars with petrol and shopping in the supermarket.

Maybe there’s a lesson there for more professional football players. While images of fast cars and houses might get the eye-balls online perhaps what fans really want from their players is content they can relate to. Content that shows a passion for sport, their banter with team mates and anything else that shows deep down the players are not that different to the fans that follow them.

16 January 17

The importance of being mentored

“No one—not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses — ever makes it alone.” ― Malcolm GladwellOutliers: The Story of Success

Re-reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers over the Christmas break, I was struck by the idea that people very rarely, if ever, achieve greatness in isolation.

If you’re anything like me the idea of being a lone wolf, a self-sufficient individual with no need for guidance or counsel, has a certain appeal. Walking through life like Clint Eastwood in A Fist Full of Dollars, poncho-clad with a cigarillo between my teeth.

The reality is that we all need help, at times. We all need guidance. Rather than a sign of weakness or inability, history has shown that the ability to confide in others and seek counsel actually makes people successful.

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31 March 16

Message Trumps Budget

I’m jumping on the Trump bandwagon but you have to hand it to the man, he is dominating conversation at the moment. And not just in the US – all across Australian offices, dinner tables and bars, we’re talking about him. Granted, most of it is about as flattering as his hair piece. (Come on! That thing can’t be real). However, love him or hate him, there’s no denying he’s one of the most talked about individuals on the planet today. And get this, he’s apparently doing it all on a dime compared to the other candidates. It’s been reported that his presidential candidacy has so far cost him around $10 million, whereas Clinton has spent close to three times that.


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19 February 16

How influencers can work better with brands

Heralded for their celebrity-like audience and authority, accessible cost and creative capacity, social influencers went to a new level last year in terms of how many brands were salivating at the thought of using them in every campaign ever. But as the discussion continues to focus on how brands can work better with influencers, we’re also getting more intelligent about the relationships that are formed, and this year there are several things the influencer needs to know in order to stay alive in this crazy social world.

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