28 May 13

If you think you’ve got it bad… my time as an intern.

I never thought the day would come when I’d say the words, “you think you’ve got it bad, in my day…” Or words to that affect.

Let’s be honest, your first year in PR can be a baptism of fire and as the first at the foot of the ladder, the worst jobs inevitably fall to you. However, whether I’m looking at it through ageing eyes, or nightmare-induced clarity, I swear life was much harder when I was an intern.
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22 January 13

Making global content relevant

Getting local cut through with news, reports and initiatives driven at a corporate level

It’s a scenario we’re all too familiar with. HQ has news to push out, a global research study to share or an executive making a trip Down Under, and the heat is on to get column inches. read more

12 December 12

Cat videos and PR: what can we learn from the most popular content on the internet?

The internet loves cat videos, cats playing, cats falling, cats doing silly things. It’s all the rage right meow. These videos are so engaging that even a virtual brain made up of thousands of computers feels the need to search the internet for cat videos. Even the future Skynet loves them! read more

29 November 12

How to survive the PR festive season

As soon as you see women roaming the streets dressed in fascinators and party dresses in the morning, you know party season has begun. The first Tuesday in November may be the race that stops the nation, but it also marks the beginning of the PR party season, and the sharp slide into Christmas. read more