5 June 14

Ten new social media facts you need to know

We’re frequently reminded of the importance of social media through usage statistics and data. But underpinning these are significant shifts in the way consumers use social media, and the way social media uses consumers. We’ve highlighted our top 10 social media trends of the moment to give you some insight into the changes taking place on social channels today.

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22 May 14

The Real Reason NYT Editor Jill Abramson Was Fired: Behind the scenes of a PR fall-out

‘It is one thing to gossip or complain about your boss, but quite another to watch her head get chopped off in the cold light of day.’ That’s what David Carr, a reporter at The New York Times, wrote about the recent firing of his executive editor, Jill Abramson. read more

21 May 14

How Inspiration Porn Opened My Eyes at TEDX

There are not many things in this world that would get me up at 7am on a Saturday morning. But attending TEDx 2014 at the Sydney Opera House – well, that did the trick. read more

14 May 14

Image management and the Budget

At 7.30pm yesterday evening, Treasurer Joe Hockey arose in Federal Parliament to deliver his budget speech. “The age of entitlement is over”, he said, and for many in the community, “this budget will not be easy.” Hockey’s underlying message was that if we don’t make the hard, necessary cuts now, we will face a dark Mediterranean future of spiralling debt. read more

22 October 13

There is ALWAYS time for coffee with a journalist

So you’re just starting out in PR and you’re totally bombarded with work, I get it, we all are. However, by making time to foster relationships with media you will save so much time in the long run.

Finding the nerve to ask a journalist for a coffee or lunch can be one of the most overwhelming things you do early in your career. Just remember, this isn’t new to them. Journalists are taken out for coffee, drinks and lunch all the time. It’s also not one-sided; they will have questions for you too! read more

15 October 13

Valuable hints from one grad to another

If I could go back to visit myself on my first day as a PR grad I like to think I would have some pretty handy hints. There is so much I could tell myself about what is going to happen, who you will meet, where to find the world’s greatest sandwich.

But by far, the most valuable things I wish I could tell myself on that first day would be these snippets below. Simple? Yes. But they have proven invaluable to me, and hopefully they will to all my other grad companions. read more

15 August 13

Can winning the social media battle win the election?

The media interest in how the major political parties are using social media to help propel their candidates into Parliament is immense.

Much like the nyah cat, it seems like every article across the media rainbow is shouting “social, social, social”. But is it really the communications channel which will lead either Labor or The Coalition to power?
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8 August 13

Getting Started in PR

If you’re just starting out in PR, here are five key things to keep in mind that will help you find your feet – and have fun!

1. Ask Questions: When you’ve landed your first ‘professional’ job it can be hard to admit that you don’t know everything. If you’re working on a media list and aren’t sure if a journalist belongs in consumer or enterprise tech, then ask! No one will fault you for this, and you’ll most likely impress your team with your willingness to learn.
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31 July 13

Five years is a long time in PR!

They say a week is a long time in politics, but it’s even longer in PR and I’ve had 260 of them – or five years to be exact. read more

24 July 13

Australia finally gets its head in the cloud

Seeing the fruits of a campaign of influence

When Marc Benioff and Parker Harris founded salesforce.com back in 1999, they pretty much invented cloud computing. Wind forward almost 15 years and the technology is well and truly mainstream – in fact, some say that the cloud is a buzz word of yesteryear.
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