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21 June 16

Cannes Lions PR jury: Inside the Jury Room – Days Four and Five

It’s been a long five days in the jury room and today was the day the shortlist had to finally come together.

After a marathon 12 hours of judging on Saturday, we left The Palais late in the evening.

It was the first time the entire jury had come together after individual and small group judging.  This meant it was the first time we had seen the proposed shortlist across all the categories. Probably the best way to describe it is like the process of responding to a new business pitch: you receive the brief, get clarity about what needs to happen then each member of the team goes away and works on the content they agreed to. But then when you bring all that content together and sit down for the first to see what you have got – what brilliance has emerged – you find there is still a long way to go.


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17 June 16

Cannes Lions PR Jury: Days 1 & 2

Day two of judging and we are off to a good pace now. With the record number of entries this year there is a lot to get through before we even get to the shortlist stage – whittling down from more than 2,200 entries (up 12% from 2015) to just 500 for the short list. The 20-person jury is divided into four groups and we already have about 500 entries under our belts so far. In this process we are starting to see some consistent themes across categories – from gender equality to the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe, from bullying to banning the trade in Ivory, and – love them or hate them – emojis.

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