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27 March 15

Bloggers in bikinis – how social media stars can boost your brand

Palm trees, neon colours and beautiful, influential girls. It was a simple social media strategy that turned a small Australian bikini e-retailer into multi-million dollar global business.

With a marketing budget of zero, Triangl Swimwear knew they had to get creative if they wanted their synthetic rubber bikinis to make a splash. They decided to send bikinis to local bloggers in the hope a cute ‘selfie’ would generate interest in the brand. It took just one year for the team to learn that young women with followers on Instagram were the secret to $25 million in sales – and 2.1 million loyal, engaged followers.

So why are more and more companies like Triangl making the move to employ Instagram influencers instead of celebrities? It’s because influencers create original content. They have an individual voice. They have a very devoted community, and they have tremendous credibility in the online space.

Influencers work hard to establish authentic, long-term relationships with brands and develop collaborative, credible content with them. They won’t let their followers down by promoting a product they haven’t tried, tested and ticked themselves, and they won’t post anything that doesn’t resonate with their personal brand and style. This allows brands to communicate their story in a way that is native and true to the consumer. The New York Times even went as far as to say, “For the millennial generation, which spends a lot of time scrolling through social media feeds,Instagram influencers are far more important than celebrities.”bikini 1

And the success of employing social media influencers isn’t restricted to just fashion labels and Instagram. We can draw on a couple of key learnings that ring true in any industry:

  1. By building content in their own voice that ties in your message, influencers remain authentic and relevant to their fans, which can have more impact than traditional advertising.
  2. Influencers leverage their devoted community and that community then shares their content through their own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. This creates many different and effective ways of sharing your message.

So what does this mean for our clients? Build relationships with influencers and develop collaborative, genuine content that weaves your messages into the influencer’s style and brand. This will resonate with consumers, particularly millennials, by proving you’re still relevant. Make sure your message is directed towards the right audience by choosing the right influencer and most importantly, never underestimate the power of bloggers in bikinis.

5 January 15

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