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29 October 14

Big Data and Better Measurement

Measuring results is essential to good PR. We fly blind without it, not knowing what did and did not work, not understanding which elements of a campaign should be replicated and which should be retired, unable to properly report the value of the campaign to the client. Without measurement, we cannot be as effective and we cannot be as accountable.

It is a significant problem, then, that only 23% of PR professionals said that they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with how their organisation measures results. Why? More than half of the industry reported that a large roadblock to successful measurement was that they didn’t know which tools to use. read more

millennials image
10 October 14

Selfish and entitled or philanthropic and caring: Who are the millennials?

The common image of the millennial generation is of a bright but lazy 20-something who, after two gap years and three semesters of an Arts degree, has moved back into their parents’ place. They are flaky, entitled and over-confident. But is this assessment entirely fair? We know from projects like Optus RockCorps that that Millennials can also be ambitious, conscientious world-changers. Stereotypes exist at both ends of the spectrum.

With the help of years of data, we might just be able to paint a clearer picture of millennials. So who are they? And what makes their generation different?  read more

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