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10 October 14

Selfish and entitled or philanthropic and caring: Who are the millennials?

The common image of the millennial generation is of a bright but lazy 20-something who, after two gap years and three semesters of an Arts degree, has moved back into their parents’ place. They are flaky, entitled and over-confident. But is this assessment entirely fair? We know from projects like Optus RockCorps that that Millennials can also be ambitious, conscientious world-changers. Stereotypes exist at both ends of the spectrum.

With the help of years of data, we might just be able to paint a clearer picture of millennials. So who are they? And what makes their generation different?  read more

17 June 14

PR at the World Cup 2014: Adidas strikes back

When the results of the 2010 World Cup were announced, I bet Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer was fuming. That his national team, Germany, didn’t make the final was only a small part of it. What would have really irked Hainer is that, after reportedly spending $1.25 billion on becoming an official FIFA World Cup partner, Adidas wasn’t linked to the World Cup as much as Nike was. read more

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