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22 October 13

There is ALWAYS time for coffee with a journalist

So you’re just starting out in PR and you’re totally bombarded with work, I get it, we all are. However, by making time to foster relationships with media you will save so much time in the long run.

Finding the nerve to ask a journalist for a coffee or lunch can be one of the most overwhelming things you do early in your career. Just remember, this isn’t new to them. Journalists are taken out for coffee, drinks and lunch all the time. It’s also not one-sided; they will have questions for you too! read more

Valuable hints from one grad to another
15 October 13

Valuable hints from one grad to another

If I could go back to visit myself on my first day as a PR grad I like to think I would have some pretty handy hints. There is so much I could tell myself about what is going to happen, who you will meet, where to find the world’s greatest sandwich.

But by far, the most valuable things I wish I could tell myself on that first day would be these snippets below. Simple? Yes. But they have proven invaluable to me, and hopefully they will to all my other grad companions. read more

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